CurrentState™ is a sustainability audit designed to help deliver Sustainability Performance improvements across your entire organization. Whether your organization has sustainability initiatives in place or if your just beginning your greening process, the CurrentState™ audit is the perfect tool to compliment your efforts.

The world of sustainability can be a confusing place. It is easy to get lost in the sea of acronym-rich reporting initiatives, certifications, eco-labels and regulations. However, the most important thing for businesses is missing - a comprehensive tool that tells tells companies exactly what they need to do. This is why we developed CurrentState™.

The CurrentState™ Sustainability Audit is a 'best practices gap analysis' and a 'business practices maturity analysis' combined into one tool - nothing more, nothing less. Simple elegant, and in our opinion a game-changer.






Sustainability Defined

CurrentState™ is based on our Three Tiers of Sustainability™ framework. Our framework clearly defines sustainability and in our opinion has been the 'missing link' in sustainability consulting. Our framework organizes sustainability into three primary activity groups: Green IT, Facilities and Business. These three groups are further divided into 25 (more specific) sub-groups. If an activity is related to sustainability in business, it will have a place in the framework.

By having a comprehensive framework, we are able to answer another very important question all businesses have - Are we doing everything that we can in order to go green?






Why CurrentState™?

In addition to being a revolutionary approach, CurrentState™ offers business other distinct advantages.

  • CurrentState™ is delivered directly to your desktop. No need for time-consuming, money-wasting meetings. Time is money, especially when your paying by the hour. CurrentState™ is not charged by the hour and delivers the same questions a consultant would, but at your convenience and with no chance of missing anything.
  • CurrentStateā„¢ is NOT an automated software program designed to generate generic results. In fact, CurrentStateā„¢ isn't software at all. While the input method for your information is done through on-line surveys, your responses are handled by a qualified Sustainability Consultant and your Analysis Report is prepared by hand.
  • Our method of collecting information is efficient. What we do with the information once we receive it is also efficient. We have automated many of the non-analytical steps of the consulting process, so as soon as qualified sustainability consultant begins on your case, they will be able to begin analysis immediately. This allows us to deliver a Findings Report in a matter of days, not weeks or months.

  • CurrentState is focussed. CurrentState™ does not count carbon or advise you on the ROI of specific projects. It is focused on determining exactly the activities your organization needs to conduct or consider. The result - your team will not be wasting valuable time hunting for data for activities that may not be needed.



CurrentState Findings Report

The CurrentState Findings Report spells out in specific terms exactly what tasks need to be done (Quick Wins) and what things you need to consider (Recommendations) in order to improve your sustainability performance. Ratings and analysis for each sub-category is also generated.

Your Findings Report can be used as:

  • a blueprint to develop your sustainability program;
  • a way to demonstrate to your management, your board or the public your sustainability progress;
  • a method to identify gaps in your current green efforts;
  • a way to document and track your sustainability performance from period to period;
  • a way to determine your current compliance with major international standards and certifications









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